Music an' ting.

Okay so wandering around youtube the other day I came across this lady, who does piano covers of rock, metal and industrial songs she likes.
She's a professional pianist, and she writes and arranges the scores herself.  Definitely check her shit out.  Also, if YOU happen to be pianist, her sheet music can be found here on her personal website.

Dio ;-;7

Also this:

Actually not one of my favourites by NIN, but this one suits me... unfortunately well.

She also does some vidya music; at least, the Starcraft Terran theme. She's got LOTS of songs, so check it out niggas!

And lastly, here's that Techpriest I said I was working on. (Yeah, he's got >nolimbs as of yet...)
He's actually going on temporary hiatus since I'll be illustrating a poetry compilation for a good friend for her masters' (for a class taught by a Nobel Prize-winning poet, so BADASS!)

I realized too that I retardedly uploaded my last two pictures as JPEGs, so they look like ass and are full of artifacts.  HERP A DERP.  If I ever finish them, I'll upload them PROPERLY.

Anyways, I out.


  1. RIP Dio. That lady actually did that song justice, or as much as you can on a piano.

  2. Technically you're 2 degrees of separation away from being a Nobel prize winner.

    The techpriest is looking good too - don't forget to add LODS OF SEALS/AWARDS

  3. I'd love to see more of your drawing!

  4. sweet drawing! lookin forward to seeing more

  5. holy shit! Nice Techpriest!

  6. pretty hate machine was a real angsty time in trents life lol still love that album tho, great finds

  7. fucking love DIO! MOB RULES!