Halloween's a brewin'... or something like that.

Thought I'd post some of the shit I'm working on lately (not the poetry illustration stuff, since I have not been working on that NEARLY as much as I should.)

But anyway, this year for Halloween I decided I would finally finish the Witch King helm I started for shits and giggles sometime in the summer.

In case you don't know who the Witch King of Angmar is, (shame on you, you're a bad nerd!) it's this badass lookin' motherfucker:

 The helm still isn't finished yet, although IT should be ready by Sunday.  And in my usual spirit of biting off more than I can chew, I decided a couple days ago to start the gauntlets too.  No chance in hell I'll be getting sabatons or pauldrons done, so I'm not going to bother starting those.

Mostly this is because those gauntlets I mentioned have SEVENTY-SIX pieces between the two of them, not including the gloves I'll be attaching the armor bits to.

Here are some shitty webcam shots (since my camera cannot into batteries) of the gauntlet pieces.  Since I'm more or less completely broke everything has been made of old cereal boxes (many thanks to my roommates, who have unwittingly been providing them), Mod Podge (which is win), and masking and electrical tape.

Some thumb scales lined up all nice-like.

The first spray-paint coat on a thumb scale.  Wearing the awesomesauce gloves I'm using.

The knuckle pieces.  The one on the left is the basic cutout, the second has been appropriately sliced, folded, taped, and has a coat of drying Mod Podge.
I'm not using any patterns, just using photo refs and drawing patterns by hand.  I've been getting most of my refs from here, since these guys have an awesome recreation:


  1. I can't believe you can do that from a single reference image. I couldn't do that shit.

  2. Sure you could. Remember making that icosahedron?

  3. I'm ashamed to admit I had no idea who the Witch King of Angmar is, and I do consider myself a nerd at heart.

  4. That is fucking awesome.

  5. great job dude keep it up :)

  6. good luck sucking out harry potter Z8-)))

  7. Oh God, I hate you.
    It's fuckin' awesome.

  8. That is really really cool. Now I feel bad for going as a barbarian warrior hehe.

  9. very ambitious project...bes ure to post pics when u are finished

  10. Dude this is awesome! I need to see the finished article!