Moar art.

A few months ago Shaun'dre suggested I do Mass Effect characters Noir style.  Okay, so not like noir ART style, but whatever.  Went all cartoony and shit.  Liara's the only one who's actually done, although I could probably finish Ashley in a few minutes if I was so inclined.  I think Joker's up next after that.

>implying I'll ever finish shit




Sharing the butthurt.

So.  Here is my submission for the League of Legends Bilgewater Gallery Contest.

Not fantastic, and I wound up with only a week to do it.  This is half of what I had intended to do.  Didn't win shit, captain.  I'm okay with this.  Didn't make the cut for the Readers' Choice either.  Since, you know, there were so many FAR SUPERIOR entries.
 See for yourself:



Obligatory First Post


So this is Bird on Head, named for my faithful avian compatriot and her unusual perching habits.  Expect unreliable updates concerning random stupid things I have found on the internet, and possibly some mediocre art.

Eventually this blog will not look so shitty, but since I currently don't have time to rectify that, it shall remain looking shitty until further notice.

That is all.