A much needed update.

Yikes!  So I dropped off the face of the planet, didn't I?  Truth be told, I was waiting to get photos from my friend from Halloween, but she's kind of AWOL, so I'm just gonna post yet another blurry-tier webcam shot.

No gauntlets?  Yeeeaaah, they still may not be totally done...

But here's the helm!  Or, most of it...
And it's awfully dark, but oh well.

In other news, I still haven't finished my poetry illustration... apparently I cannot into drawing bears.  Who knew?

I've also just started working on a Batarian, just in case he's needed by the fellow working on the Mass Effect Eclipse Phase project.

Behold, his head! (Which is the only thing that is currently presentable!)
Also I'm super-excited for the Tintin movie, even if if is over a year away.  Simon Pegg/Nick Frost as the Thom(p)sons had better live up to expectations... not that I'm particularly worried, they are brilliant.  Can't wait to see Andy Serkis's Haddock, either.

That's all for now, hopefully BTboy will be done in a couple of days, will post ALL of him at that time.

I'm out, farvel!